Samstag, 21. Februar 2009

Videoblog - Israel, Indonesien & neues Semester


Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Ordi!

It has been a long time ago since we've spoken with eachother. Maybe you don't even remember me (i'm that dutch blond TeenStreet girl-remember?). So i thought: why not comment your blog?

First of all -i don't want to offend you with this: but uhhm.. You got OLD on your video's!
Well ok, no worry, it not that bad. But i didn't see you for 3 years, or something like that?
I guess i have to start being a bit more nice, avoiding you not reading my comment before you've even read it ;). Writing English is still not that easy for me!

I really wonder how you're doing :)
I've read parts of your blog, you went to isreal and you're going to indonesia? Wow.. what are you doing in all those far-away-countries? Couldn't you stand te smell of your dutch neighbours anymore? Hehe, sorry, i'm kidding.
Well anyway: let me know what and how you're doing, i still use the same emailadres!

Yours sincerely (i don't like this way of ending my letter, but i'm out of inspiration.. ),

ordi hat gesagt…

hahahaha :D hey rhodé!!!
of COURSE I remember you! and of course I got older - it's been 3-4 years!! :) but this fact given, I still look younger than I -am- ;)

I'll write you an email sometime these days! thanks for keeping in touch!! :))

PS: I still love the Netherlands! smells like stroopwafels up there ;))

Anonym hat gesagt…

And vla!