Montag, 30. April 2007

Bilder - meine Gemeinde

Meine Gemeinde hier in Amiland: Crossing Louisville! Ein Gemeindegründungsprojekt, das mir sooo am Herzen liegt! Ich hatte heute die Kiddies (5-8 Jährige). Hier ein paar Impressionen:

crossing church right after we cleaned out the room and set up the 123 chairs - ready to be filled with people, who do church -differently- :)sound board - simple, but these guys do a great job!!
our drummer, guitar-player, and over-all creative musical mind :)Izzy! she is soooo funny! :D
our -schedule- .. it has the text of the Bible in it, we're covering each week - and each main point the pastor is going to make - no surprises! and looking into it later on makes you remember the entire sermon! :)
our church, once the school lights are out, and OUR lights are on! :))hehehe, our band rocks your socks off!!! ;))our welcome table - yeay!
Chunky the Monkey is our Children's Ministry spokesperson :)) he's a great theologian!Tripp's a trooper! gotta love that fellow! :D
Dustin Neeley, our pastor and all-round man-for-everything :)Dustin's youngest offspring
he can drool like a waterfall! ;)Izzytear down crew - yeah, we college students are helping everywhere we can! :)
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gods_project hat gesagt…

coole bilder... und die kleinen kids sin echt süß!